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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Where Asimov leads, On Spec boldly goes

More E-mail subs. Yay!
First Asimov's and now On Spec...sub world just got even more friendly.


On Spec is one of those little Canadian mags who thought they could, and they did. Again and again.

Read the sample copy.


Subscribe. Submit. Sublime.

what a world

Slivers in your ear?

Proving that phones do not need to follow the plastic standard, the Maple Phone has been developed by two Koreans, Hyun Jin Yoon and Eun Hak Lee . The wooden phone exhibits a touch sensitive keypad and also a camera. (photos may be a little grainy... wood grainy, that is)

For the touch-pad to work correctly, some different materials must be used, as this would be impossible based on wood alone. (woodn't it?)

But hey, three ring a- dings from the environment, since wood is natural and completely renewable.


How will this affect t branch lines and trunk calls?
Are wooden laptops next? Yew tube?
Fir sure.


Wow. I 'm bad at this...but I guess you already know that.

Lots has been going on.
Had a short, story that I had to write and prepare for the Read-Off at Key Con in Winnipeg, where I attended the Aurora Awards, not really expecting to win as I have no web presence or readership, okay, some, as I did make it into the 5 finalists, but not surprised when my name wasn't called. (I got smote by Eileen Bell, of Women of the Apocalypse. No surprise.)

Anyway I had to cut my original "vomit draft" of 5700 words down to 3 pages (850 words) as the requirement for the Read-off was under 5 minutes. Ouch. But, hey, I did it!
It's a fascinating, frustrating but ultimately rewarding exercise for any masochistic writers out there (Is that a redundancy?)

On top of my frenzy of editing, I was working extra shifts at Home Depot and dealing with computer problems, so any way, I'm back and have promised myself, and by extension, the Greater U, to do better.

So, we'll see.
But, you know what the road to Hell is paved with...no, not tombstones and not Persephone's tears, although I like that.

So how 'bout that oil spill? So far in the game Mother Nature - 7, BP - 0.

Monday, May 3, 2010

man made awe

This is amazing. Art made on a grand scale by using a palette of different colored rice plants in Japan.
I mean...wow.


What a great idea - exacting, methodical and yet majestic. And 100% natural to boot.
(Of course, hanging one on the wall would be a little messy... you'd have to have a great wall.)