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Friday, April 16, 2010

Hello world.
Let the Blog begin.

Attended Ad Astra in Toronto last week.
Excellent panels.
Lots of inquiring minds. (the best kind)
Questions, Questions. Questions.

Big thanks to my co-panelists.
The British Model - Coleen Hillerup, Mark McKay. The consensus was for shorter seasons. Go Brits go! (eg Afterlife, the real Life on Mars)
Modern Day Conception of Fairies - Alison Baird, Lesley Livingston, James Allan Gardner, and Kate Story. We covered the gamut, and then some. Good job by all.
Reading Your Own Writing - Rebecca Simkin, Ed Greenwood, Adrienne Kress, Ian Keeling. A robust how- to session. Breathe. Trust. Speak.

And the best, of course, was the reading by The Stop-Watch Gang writer's group (Tony Pi, Ian Keeling and me)...if I do say so myself.) Ably aided by members Costi Gurgu and Stephen Kotowych - he who holds the watch.

All sorts of interesting people. Many sorts of stories.

Launch pad:
Watch out for Truthseekers 3 by Rob St Martin - mystery and intrigue in Black River, Ontario.

Congrats and kudos to all the hard workers who made it happen.
Big Cheers for volunteers!

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