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Monday, April 26, 2010

High Life x 2

Here I am again.
Weekend over and I survived both days of work, and nights of play.

Watched a Canadian movie called called High Life. Nice little caper gone wrong flick.
My partner Arlene and I saw the original theatre version a few years ago, presented by Crow Theatre here in Toronto.

Both play and movie were immensely enjoyable.
Both written by Lee MacDougall. (Probably had something to do with it.)

My comment : Who are these guys and I'm glad they're not my neighbours.

Headlined by terrific playing from Timothy Olyphant (“Deadwood”) and Stephen Eric McIntyre as the leaders of bunch of wannabe bank robbers whose brains are over-fried by substance abuse, pic lasts a mere 78 minutes but packs in more incident and twists than many movies 10 times its budget.

FYI- High Life, the play, enjoyed a cross-country tour then somehow or other the script fell into the hands of Ryuzanji Company in Tokyo, Japan, and returned to Canada for a Vancouver fringe season in an original production with English subtitles.

From a theatre review by Charles Tidler , August 2009

"All crack heads real good, flash knives to measure throats, brandish fat guns to combat moulds of fear that spread like cancers in kidney, lung, stomach, brain. A stylized choreography of need trumps self help, mutual aid. “If I can’t smoke, he can’t piss!” Only morphine provides swift and solitary ‘quiet time’ on bare plywood pallets of head-hugging Hell where wild mustangs run in snow through the eye of a soaring solo piano hypodermic needle. And only money, lots of money, provides morphine."

If that sounds like your cup of T, go for it.

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